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Also known as Hippy land or breeding place for lezbians(although currently impossible)! Very beautiful town with nice river and canal, often ridden with smelly barefoot, 40+ hippies with dreadlocks and numerous piercings dragging small mini hippies, normally their children but can be dwarves, wearing hemp robes, feeding them recycled bird shit or whatever new environmentally friendly "snack" is out. The men have hair down to their waste and the women refuse to wear bras and therefore their tits hang down to their waste! They all live their care free lives, getting pissed, having gay sex, excreciating on compost heaps, etc. The atmosphere is calm and fun, but that might be the canabis smoke that seems to be coming from every other persons "cigarette". love it, great place to go and live, visit it, but make sure if you are married that you are fully seure with ones sexuality as many people, men, women or both are up for a bit of experimenting! Take a trip there and whatever you get up to ...Enjoy..!
"I don'y know what's got into him, he's started to wear my heels and try on my underwear. I don't know the next he will be moving to Hebden Bridge!"
by the blubba fish September 22, 2006
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