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A StarCraft Map -UMS-.
The Game Consists of 8 players/colors. First 5 for Heaven and The 3 for Hell. All the Main unit are Heros from the StarCraft 1 and Expasion pack heros. The Colors are:

WHITE - player 1.,.Controls 75 percent of heaven and its units. Heros : Jesus (Hero Battlecruiser), Rafael (Hero High Templar), And Nathaniel (Hero Siege Tank).

BLUE - player 2.,.Controls a varied amount of units (This Goes for the colors Teal, Purple and Yellow). Heros : Jehoel (Hero Zealot) and Zadkiel (Hero Dark Templar).

TEAL - Heros : Michael (Hero Marine) ((IN vSKY, when he dies another Unit Called Sethur come to replace him)).

Purple - Heros : Seraphiel (Hero Ghost - Kerrigan but in vSKY it was changed to a hero male ghost to confuse the Hell Team) and Gabriel (Hero Dragoon). Also gets The Vulture units called Virtues. When in a group they can destroy Hero units or strong Elite Units. Known as Vulting or Ganking. (Technique created By Lash, mastered by pros of Heavens Last Stand)

Yellow - Heros : Uriel (Hero Firebat) and MetaTron (Hero Archon).

--HELL-- (Uses an Unvulnerable Observer and a Defiler in the right hand corner of the map(All 3 colors use this)) Hell also has : 4 overlords called Sky Ladders, and Elite that are periodically given out to all 3 colors. RED gets NON HERO Ultralisk and Non Hero Archons, Orange gets Infested Terrans, NON HERO Seige Tanks and NON HERO Archons. Brown gets Hero Zerglings and NON HERO Ultralisk and Dark Templars.

RED : Heros - Satan (hero Mutalisk), Beelzebub (Hero Defiler) and Mammon (hero Ultralisk).

Orange : Heros - Asmodeous (Hero Goliath), Samyazza (Hero High Templar) and Samael (Lurker).

Brown : Heros - Berith (Hero Dark Templar), Abbadon (Infested Kerrigan) and Astaroth (Hero Hydralisk).

In Heavens Last Defense, Red Originally had Mammon As Infested Kerrigan but changes were made to balance the game.
In The HLS vSKY Version The Kerrigan was taking back to RED and Named Sin and Brown was given the Infested Duran unit for Abbadon.
Heaven's Last Stand is way better than Hells Defense.
by Deathbat364 July 04, 2008

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