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The feeling that arises upon the flush of a toilet after a hearty poo, and see the water rise to unprecendented levels........only then to subside with an almighty suck, returning the culprits heart rate to normal levels
"oh my god that shit wo immense.......fuk me whys the water cumin that high.........oh fuk.............oh fank fuk for that, that wo a text book heartstopper"
by benster12 April 21, 2010
a term given to a coffee consisting of about 1/3rd instant coffee granules and upwards of 6 teaspoons of sugar. can often leave a taste that stays with you for days and give your heart the kickstart it needs
Gonna pull an all nighter, I think this calls for a heartstopper else I doubt I'll make it through the night
by eddbutter March 19, 2013
A particularly large line of cocaine that in theory, could stop your heart beating, but in practice, will get you higher as a Premiership footballer after then last game of the season.
"Holy Jesus fucking Christ, I've just done an absolute heart stopper. Give me five minutes and I'll be talking like a total cunt".
by Dan Syndrome October 29, 2009
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