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The word describing when a person dies, How everything abrubtly changes to either Good Note, Or Bad Note. Which, generaly, nethier of these acusations are actually true, But the fact that the subject is dead, make pepole exadurate his or her life. Basically, the speaker is making a big deal out of themselves or something that probably never happened.
Person 1, Speaking on a "Good Note": OH, his death was terrible, I was sooo sad... He rolled his Golf Cart 3 times!!

Person 2: Well, From what I heard, he was being Hot Shit by driving on the wrong side of the road, And a car came, so he swerved to avoide it, and he rolled it. Sounds to me like he was trying to impress his freinds.

Person 1: Oh no, no, no ,no! How can u say that!! He never showed off, he was sooo nice!! Theres no way anyone could have hated him!! But, No, EVERYONE drives on the wrong side of the road, he wasnt showing off at all!!

Person 2: It sounds to me like you just Hopped on the Hearsewagon, talking about him like that. Wait, Wasnt it just like a week before he died you said you hated his guts and never wanted to talk or see him again?
by Ralph Shady October 03, 2009
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