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To express a deep understanding with the subject/topic/perspetive at hand.
Friend1: "Last night i had the deepest spiritual revelation. now I finally understand what it means to exist"

Friend2: "Heard!"
by 50 Stephanie March 17, 2006
93 8
another way of sayin seen
"yo blud.. manz went on major missionz 2dayy"
"ohhh hearddd.. u manz didnt call me!!"
by B3nninG August 17, 2007
18 16
You did not hear me, you heard me.
I have heard what you have been saying to me.
by doodxor July 21, 2003
18 27
heard is a very slutty type person who spreads obscene rumors cuz he/she has no life and wants more than anything to have a kid of his/her own so people beleive that someone acctually have sex with him/her, a heard also has fake boobs with stretch marks all over them, and most of the time a heard will have a huge nose.But there is always hope for a heard.
"dont be such a heard"
by helptheworld70 October 15, 2006
12 38
some looser amish fuck with no tv or dishwawsher and he like just got a phone, some one with many nicknames ex: kenny, ned, and kyle
look at heard with no kewl shit
by damian the dark prince February 15, 2005
3 42
If you have a sore head and a broken heart it means you are heard. It is a mixture of the two words.

Head + Heart = Heard
Ben Hudson (see gayby) has a broken heart and a sore head, he is heard.
by Gaylord_Focker January 28, 2005
4 44