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Someone or something that is extremely different and unique. A more extreme version of a hipster.
Omg did you see David the other day? He was so heapster!

I wish I could be a heapster like Perry the Platypus!

Tina wishes she could be a heapster...
by dkimism December 27, 2011
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The effeminate, little vegan kid, who works at your local coffee shop, and uses Imogean Heap as a soundtrack to his life.
Yo Terri, there's three blockheads trying to put the horns on my main girl over here at this party, get your flat mate kyle, and haul ass over here.

Sorry dude I'm going have to fly solo, Kyle's a heapster and couldn't even hold his own with a asyrnptomatic post-polio survivor.
by the terrman December 05, 2008

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