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Something I can't afford.
I'm too poor to afford health care.
by i dont have a pseudonym omg October 18, 2009
241 62
Something unfortunate Americans think about as a privilege for the wealthy.
Look at me! I'm an unemployed European, and still the local hospital removed my brain tumour, thanks to Public Health Care! Now I get to live another day to find myself a job!

Socialism for the win.
by Discobutton February 13, 2010
166 94
mythical beast often associated with the care of humans. Often appears only to those who already have the necessary means to adequately take care of or pay for things.
It must be nice to afford good Health Care...
by CookiePie7 February 04, 2010
75 45
Sexual innuendo for any sexual act.
Meet me in the bathroom for some healthcare.

An orgy is healthcare for everyone.

In order to get his job, Dan gave his interviewer some healthcare.

Some people don't agree with Obama's stance on healthcare.
by Guy Teip October 20, 2009
13 33