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A girl with the last name headrick... Is the most intelligent, kindest, sweetest, most amazing girl you will ever meet... And good damn does she have a booty.... She is the most amazing person you will ever meet... She will never let you forget about her... If you ever have the pleasure of meeting this girl... You are blessed... And if your dating this girl... Buddy this girl is your miracle...
Guy#1 dude did you hear... There's a headrick in our class... Never thought I'd get to meet one!
Guy#2 I know... That girl seriously fell from the sky or something... Damn she was sculpted beautifully...
Guy#1 dude have you seen that booty!!! Like fucking damn...i think I'm in love...
Guy#2 that's my girl your gawking at buddy... You better start running...
by TheAllKnowingPanda September 01, 2016
Named after a person with a very big head, his name was Frederick, 'Fred' substituted with 'Head' = HEADRICK
Person #1:Omg look at his massive head
by Abopuashfkj April 05, 2008
A big ugly birthmark that draws attention away from any positive aspect a person may have; a disturbing discoloration on the arm, face, etc. that grosses people out; anything to force the opposite sex away from a person who claims to look good
Dude why is that guy wearing a mask?
He's probably got a headrick he's trying to hide.
Oh, that's disgusting.

Aren't you going to talk to that girl?

Uh, no. Look at that headrick!
by Je t'aime bebe (: May 30, 2011
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