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A long veil, also called a Niqab, that many muslim women drape over their heads because their husband, father, or older brothers are afraid that their ownership bond is so weak and loveless that their woman will not be able to resist the urge to be raped by an uncontrollably horny muslim sociopath. Their husbands also have such penis envy that they feel that if they don't demand that their women cloak themselves, they could lose them to another man. It is slightly less concealing than a chastity tent.
Joe: Is it true that Aisha was raped for not wearing a head tent?

Habib: She went outside without her Niqab, whining about heat stroke or something. Mo could not resist seeing her cheeks and hair, and had to submit to her obvious sexual invitation. She cried that she was raped, but if Mo saw her cheeks, can you really blame him? She obviously wanted it.

Joe: How is she now?

Habib: Her premarital sex shamed our family, so we had to stone her to death to protect our honor. She is with Allah now.
by 4justice August 05, 2009
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