Are you Chinese?

Are you a he-she?
Good bye!
by Tracy Morgan October 23, 2003
Top Definition
A gender undefinable person. Could be a man or a woman, or a little of both. Often dressed in nondescript clothing or dressed incredibly flamboyantly with bulges or hair in places they ought not be.
"Look at that...heshe? I can't tell if that motha is a man or a woman, i mean, check out the breasts and the beard!"
by One Sexy Miami Girl October 20, 2004
cant really decide what it is
did u see that heshe
by Gigglefairy January 02, 2004
A person like myself that has both male and female genitals. At birth the doctors didn't know what i was so my parents chose a sex for me. I am now a male. I was born with both ovarian and testicular tissue. You can still see some male and female sexual characteristics though I take hormones.

I am intersex, also known as a 'hermaphrodite' or he-she

by Sonny Vitale. October 14, 2007
Name, masculine (feminine She He). A way to pronounce an otherwise unpronaunceable chinese name. As in Latin or German the name is declined, becoming for example Him Her in accusative case
1) "He She is sooooo cute!" "He or she??" "Both"
2) "He She enjoys reading She He's literassture"
3) "I love Him Her" "who??" "who cares"
by B^B December 25, 2009
A slang term for a MTF transsexual, a man who thinks of himself as a woman inside a man's body.
Pigalle in the north of Paris must be the Mecca of the he-she. Hundreds of trannies from all over the world live in that neighborhood.
by bxmuscle January 08, 2011
"He-She" is a person born as a male who now is living as a female, frequently the result of sex change surgery, but not always.
Larry was a male for the first 40 years, and then had sex change surgery to become Mary. Mary is a "He-She."
by Whistle Berries September 04, 2011
1) a cross-dressing man who actually looks like a woman; or
2) a man who either had a sex change operation or in undergoing hormone treatment to become a woman
I don't have a problem with cross-dressers per se. My problem is when you can't tell that "she" is really a "he!"
by Silky Smooth March 10, 2004

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