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(Ahcha duh-b) When a bro "homewrecks" for a particular hot girl with a dumb/faggot boyfriend already.
A: Damn did you hdub that snow?
by demisePM December 11, 2008
Homework; hw; hmwk; homowork

H: the h in "hw"

Dub: slang for the w in "hw"

!!! H + Dub = hw = HOMEWORK

* Usually used in instant messaging

Damn, Ms. Teacherbitch gave a crapload of H Dub today

Doin my H Dub
by Markster Easthamicle January 26, 2005
A nickname for the city of Harper Woods, MI, a small city bordering northern Detroit.
I just graduated from H Dubs.
by Alicia C September 09, 2007
Nickname for Huntington skate park
Guy 1... Going to hdubs later!
Guy 2... Sweet ! Land the 360
by NAMREH July 13, 2010
Slang term for Hollywood.
H: Holly
Dub: (Double u), W for Wood.
I saw Charlie Sheen in H Dub the other day man. Asked him for an autograph.
by HIHNickel April 30, 2011
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