A hardened industrial town in the South West of the UK with three miles of golden sand and surf. Has the best ice cream shop between Land’s End and John O’Groats. A small corner of a little island in the east Atlantic that led the World to the Industrial Revolution.
I've just been to Hayle and back!
by HayleiswhereitsAt February 15, 2010
Top Definition
the most amazing person in the world the best friend you could ever wish for. personally I think her boyfriend can be a bit of a noob but ahah well. Also hayles takes waay too long doing her hair. AND SHES NOT FAT!
JR: woaaa look at Hayles
Barney: id tap that.
Foggy: Boys,Ive tapped that ;-)
by Bethany Lauren March 27, 2009
A way cool girl that owns a hot tub.
and has a cool neighbor!!
Look at Haily she's so cool.
by her way cool neighbor January 02, 2005
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