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Haykquinuff is a name for the sweetest, and most amazing Australian, and/or Aussie. Haykquinuff could also refer to a champion skydiver, who wears bright purple suits, that are several sizes too large. Haykquinuff was also elected Queen of the land, country, and continent that is Australia. Also, this is a man who, despite his Australian heritage, speaks badly of the native kangaroos. Loves the movie "The Castle" and despises Peanut Butter, and Poutine (Even though it's common knowledge that they are both awesomely awesome.) Haykquinuff is also very patient, and impossible to upset...or seemingly so.
"Has Haykquinuff been to Canada?"
"Oh no, he doesn't like Canadians, he's an Aussie, don't you know?"
by Muktweedlet April 13, 2009

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