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random funny guy who beats on you... but hey... he is sexy... (please dont hurt me)

other slangs include,
-you got hayked (stuff in bball)
-i am gonna hayk you ( fuck you up)

you got hayked the fuck out..
by hayk April 01, 2005
A white obnoxious teen. Known for his thirst for girls. His desperation is so high that he may prey on younger girls hoping to find something there. He is known to fap multiple times a day and has very little social life.

Visually characterized by his trademark red hat and immense swag.
Burh burh burh, is that guy hitting on your little sister, nah its just Hayk trying to score some.
#hayk #haky #pervert #teen #fap
by Samor October 01, 2014
a pointy bird short and skinny
Ewe look its hayk, hes like a hayk kind of guy.
by fat slut April 16, 2005
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