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Gordon's word of saying Holla... that is he pronounced it weird and other people pick up on it and think they are cool, well they are not, be original DAMNIT... PEACE
by XII German IIX BOOM BOOM September 14, 2003
To be used in the affirmative. Hawla is a word that means yes and can be used in agreement with what someone says. Also can be use in the phrase 'Hawla Back' which means either get back to me or also it can mean yes. Either works. Also a greeting.
Yo, La-a gotta donk
-Hawla back! (Yes she does)
by Hawlabackgirl December 08, 2010
when you dont know what to say or dont really wanna say anything...just say hawla
guy: hey boo...what's yo name?
girl: HAWLA
by hawla ismy middlename May 21, 2008
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