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A HawgDawger is a proud dawg who is into bigger chicks. He loves BBW's, plus-sized girls, larger ladies, etc. A HawgDawger does not shun his preference for women of size. He embraces it. Call him a chubby chaser he will reply, yes of course, I love big fat chicks! The bigger the bettter, bring it on. Such true lovers of the massive flesh are rare individuals. Officially known in the fat acceptance world, as FA's, or fat admirers.
Joe had just come back from a BBW dance. He tapped two cute hawgs in one evening. He left with 10 phone numbers of some fat cuties. His love for the bbw's at the dance makes him a true HawgDawger. He's a fat chasing stallion. Too much of a good thing is a great thing.
by HawgDawger March 05, 2011
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