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A corruption of 'Having the painter's in', which means when a girl is on her period, this is instead when a girl is related to you.

It is thought the usage began as the Poynters are a well-known clan of interbreeding and general twelve-toery in Overton, Hampshire.
'Did you give her ten of the queen's finest last night?'
No, it turns out she was 'Having the poynter's in'

'Dude, your girlfriend's having the Poynter's in -thats gross you should split up or move to Andover'

'Oh, and by the way, that girl you got off with last night was Having the Poynter's in'
'Fuck! I've been Berted

Yeah we're over. The Poynter's were in.
by Jdinsdale2009 May 16, 2009

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