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A masturbating, moonshine drinking, hash smoking hairy mofo who wears innapropriate shirts and enjoys driving around in jomaih and champion,co-inventor of 'zis one ayub', wa 'zis one alam'

see also "horny", "TULLI",

very sexy, have gangbang
ohhh look, there goes hatim, hes so smexy, c'mon girls lets all have a gangbang with him
by TertaSin April 03, 2009
A magnificent human being and a total boss. His reputation precedes him like lighting precedes thunder. His cock is so large, its considered a deadly weapon in 17 states. When he busts a nut, an angel gets its wings.
Hey did you see Hatim?
Yeah, it may have been the best thing that ever happened to me.
by afg345 December 13, 2012
savage fool, oozingly righteous
Omer is a oozing Hatim, one who is righteous to the first decree of fools.
by OmerHatim November 03, 2014
A sexy bitch who tends to be over weight and has the nicest tits ever! You just wanna squeze them all day and stick them in your mouth. Uhhh!

To have big tits.
She has such NICE hatims!!!!
by BananaLicker123 April 13, 2009

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