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A phrase that represents ones complete and total disregard of another's negative comment towards the original person.
*Guy 1 is walking down the street and passes Guy 2*

Guy 2: Why are you so ugly?

Guy 1: Haters Gonna Hate. *Keeps on walking*

Dude 1: Hey Fatty!

Dude 2: Haters Gonna Hate
by WhyDoesUKGottaHateOnTheUS? August 19, 2010
A phrase used to acknowledge individual superiority in the face of negative external accusations. Can be repeated twice for emphasis. Often accompanied by a strutting walk away from offending party.
Robert: "Lisa called you a whore."

James: "Haters gonna hate, man. Haters gonna hate."
by oshep October 15, 2010
A colloquial saying. It means that people who don't like you will always find a reason to dislike you, no matter how stupid that reason may be.
"Dad, Jane says she doesn't like me because I write my math problems in pen!"

"Don't let it get you down son. Haters gonna hate."
by Unholyhair January 28, 2012
Dissenters will inevitably abhor
Ghetto Person #1: "You're a whore!"

(Said to Ghetto Person #2)

Ghetto Person #2: "Haters gonna hate..."

Normal Person: (over hearing this exchange) "What does "Haters gonna hate mean?""

Ebonics Translator: "I believe the presumed whore meant to say, dissenters will inevitably abhor or put simpler, hateful people will be hateful."
by emf82 April 21, 2011
Usually used as a comeback at a person who expresses an opinion that the user of the phrase disagrees with and/or feel personally offended by, often for completely irrational reasons.

If it used in real life, it is often accompanied by that person strutting away as if they had just destroyed you with witty and rational arguments.

This phrase is rarely used by anybody above the age of 15 and with an IQ above 95.
Example 1:
Moron: The new Eminem album is soooo awesome.
Normal Person: I disagree...his older albums were way better.

Example 2:
Moron: My new shoes look awesome, don't you think?
Normal person: Meh...they're not really my taste.
Moron: Ah, whateva. Haters gonna hate (walks away as if she/he just said something extremely clever and original)
by kabu3000 December 14, 2011
Stated by Dave Chappelle portraying R. Kelley in the music video "Piss on you"
Haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love. I don't even want none of the above. I want to piss on you.
by GeeMonee March 02, 2012
1. An expression of complete indifference to the target's opinions.

2. A pathetic attempt at a witty comeback, most commonly used by Deviantart/Youtube users who are unable to stand criticism.

Originally, this term was used sparingly, and only when it truly stung, much like "That's what she said". However, like "That's what she said", it has been spammed so far into the ground by the aforementioned "artists" that it's simply pathetic.
1. Someone overhears a jealous douchebag talking down on them, responds with an over-the-shoulder "Haters gonna hate", which shatters the trash-talker's massive ego.

2. Someone posts a mildly critical comment on a hypersensitive Youtube user's video, to which the user replies "FUCK U HATERS GONNA HATE FAG BLOCKED LOL"
by Chiptune August 15, 2011