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Liking the status of someone you don't like when something unpleasant happens to them.
Post: I am so sick and none of my friends care enough to take care of me. Why doesn't anything good ever happen to me.

Person reading: ugh,am so sick of her constant self pity-part, I am so gonna Hate-like that post.
by Vex Machine January 21, 2016
When you like something on a social network site (such as Facebook) in a sarcastic way. Generally something you don't like at all and the other person has no idea.
CP: "Hanging out with my best friend Heather at the mall"

Ugh, Heather is such a bitch. Definitely going to hate-like that status.
#facebook #like #social #mall #hate
by bostonbarb September 21, 2011
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