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An individual that does not think before they do something increadibly stupid or destructive. Someone that doesn't use their head for anything better than a hat rack.
The hat rack drank a fifth of gin then tried to take the car trailridding.
by Jerry February 09, 2005
A very skinny male who resembles a pole or very thin object
Jim: Holy shit!! Did that hat rack just talk?

Joe: No man. Thats Matt
by Wallytheman November 22, 2007
A low-life, peasant, weakling, idiot or loser. Someone who will hang hats at restaurants for the rest of his life. Based off on how a hatrack is the lowest on the apparel-hanging food chain
Wow, he failed his math exam? He's such a hatrack.

That guy is such a hatrack, he can't even do one push up.
by Deer N. Hedlites June 18, 2012
any person or object that is not to be underestimated or fucked with
i fucked this lil bitch last nite.. man she was no hatrack
by shawn October 05, 2004
A hatrack is a ghetto heart attack.
Damn boii I jist git one hill of a hatrack!
by JoshDT September 10, 2006
a self-sexual act in which a male hangs a hat from his penis and swings it around in circles.
also knopwn as hat-spinning or rack riding.
Jeff: what you up to tonight?
david: well, no ones gonna be in so im gonna do a hat rack.
Jeff: niiiice! *high fives*
by bishopofbumville April 28, 2007
Any sports fan that cannot be seen, at any times, without is favorite team's ball cap on. Predomionantly prevalent in baseball fans. Frequently seen blowing rent money at nearest watering hole or sports bar.
Its all fun and games until the hat rack loses the game.
by fuckerIdid April 30, 2003
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