Hasselhoff, David

A literal God among men.

Most well known in the States for his roles in Baywatch, Knight Rider, various cameos, and infamous popularity in Germany.

His finest moment was, by far, a role in the Star Wars knock-off Star Crash, in which he played the Prince of the Universe alongside a Texan robot, a porn star, the dad from The Sound of Music, and some random guy with the ability to see the future.

The move also features Space Cavemen, Space Amazons, and a giant space station shaped like a hand.

Go see it.
I'm not saying I'm gay or anything, but I would so do David Hasselhoff.
by Harry S. Truman October 27, 2004
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verb. To run in slow motion
Dude, quit hasselhoffing it and come here. Jackass
by Mike Truitt June 16, 2003
Verb. To quickly and sloppily eat a greasy food while drunk.

Past Tense: Hasselhoffed
I was so drunk last night that I stopped at Wendy's and hasselhoffed a 1/4 lb. Double Stack.

#scarf #chomp #inhale #devour #eat
by Melanie434 May 28, 2007
Hasselhoff, David.

The most envied man of the early 90's.
"There are many dying children out there, who's last wish is to meet me."
- David Hasselhoff managing to be both rude and offensive.
by Mayamay April 30, 2005
Someone riding a bicycle at night. (Nightrider)
I almost hit that Hasselhoff I didnt even see him.
#bike #nightrider #ryder #michael knight #bicycle
by Mongoliod1534 August 08, 2008
A phrase spoken to someone after sneezing, as if to protect, or guard from evil spirits; May be used in place of "God Bless You"
#bless you #god bless you #gesundheit #sneeze #jupiter preserve you
by chiggity chops July 05, 2009
verb, present tense. to have one's chest hair stick out above his garments, such as a t-shirt or turtleneck.
hasselhoffing, hasselhoffed, hasselhoffs.
synonym: chubes (combination of "chest" and pubes")
Peter is hasselhoffing over his tan t-shirt.
#chest hair #hassellhoff #brillo chest #chubes #hasselhoff
by COMZAPSAF November 08, 2007
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