To eat food like a caveman while shitfaced drunk and making a complete mess (laying on the floor is optional). Per the Youtube Video of David Hasselhoff hammered eating a burger.
After the bar last night I hasselhoff'd the shit out of $20 worth of taco bell.

I woke up on the floor of the hotey this afternoon face down in half a hamburger i hasselhoff'd after the show last night.
by JoeCaine June 12, 2009
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verb. To run in slow motion
Dude, quit hasselhoffing it and come here. Jackass
by Mike Truitt June 16, 2003
Hasselhoff, David

A literal God among men.

Most well known in the States for his roles in Baywatch, Knight Rider, various cameos, and infamous popularity in Germany.

His finest moment was, by far, a role in the Star Wars knock-off Star Crash, in which he played the Prince of the Universe alongside a Texan robot, a porn star, the dad from The Sound of Music, and some random guy with the ability to see the future.

The move also features Space Cavemen, Space Amazons, and a giant space station shaped like a hand.

Go see it.
I'm not saying I'm gay or anything, but I would so do David Hasselhoff.
by Harry S. Truman October 27, 2004
Verb. To quickly and sloppily eat a greasy food while drunk.

Past Tense: Hasselhoffed
I was so drunk last night that I stopped at Wendy's and hasselhoffed a 1/4 lb. Double Stack.

by Melanie434 May 28, 2007
Hasselhoff, David.

The most envied man of the early 90's.
"There are many dying children out there, who's last wish is to meet me."
- David Hasselhoff managing to be both rude and offensive.
by Mayamay April 30, 2005
A phrase spoken to someone after sneezing, as if to protect, or guard from evil spirits; May be used in place of "God Bless You"
by chiggity chops July 05, 2009
verb, present tense. to have one's chest hair stick out above his garments, such as a t-shirt or turtleneck.
hasselhoffing, hasselhoffed, hasselhoffs.
synonym: chubes (combination of "chest" and pubes")
Peter is hasselhoffing over his tan t-shirt.
by COMZAPSAF November 08, 2007
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