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Name Origin:Arabic
A wonderful,smart,kind,loving,and beautiful girl.She has a smile that dazzles every person she meets.She has a powerful presence and touches everyone who knows her with her warm and loving heart.Quiet,shy,sweet,chaste,and gentle are all words to describe this angelic,innocent,and fragile girl.She has the ability to make you fall in love with her and she has the most beautiful dark eyes.Her eyes are extremely expressive and soulful and they convey every thought that she is thinking and every unspoken word.
Hasnaa is the love of my life who will never know of my undying affection for her.
by A00254 October 05, 2011
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Amazing Arabic Name.

Hasnaa stands for a beautiful, elegant, smart girl : a Beauty if not THE Beauty. A gifted exceptional Lady, always envied and admired : was offered wonderful gifts from nature.
May be snobbish if she's aware of her extraordinary potential. Tends to keep people at distance
The Beauty & the Beast : al Hasnaa & el Wahch (Beast).

Hasnaa is too good for this world
by Urbanistah February 05, 2010
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