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Any gathering where you can get stuff for free.
"Dude did you go to that party last night?"
"Yeah it was totally a hashbrow!"
#party #free #swag #gathering #get-together #food #stuff #drinks #alcohol
by randomlyjoy December 04, 2011
An event where you can get free shit (food)
Dude, its a hashbrow, there's free food. Lets go

This hashbrow is happening.

I got free shit at that hashbrow
#hashbrow #free #food #event #stuff
by Hashbrow December 04, 2011
A DEEP political statement that attempts to make a person understand what that read is what they really read.
Person 1: #Hashbrows

Person 2: Hash browns as your eyebrows, just for you people who don't understand this level of genius from Cobra.

Person 3: I was tricked I thought u meant hash browns -__-

Person 1: I was trying to make a point that people don't stop now a days to read what they actually read man its a political thing.
#hashbrows #hashbrowns #hashbros #hasbrow
by Smart Guy! January 16, 2013
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