A brown streak left in your underpants. Most common causes of a hashbrown are significant, excessive flatulence that leave remnants on your clothing or a failure to completely wipe after you snap a duece.
Tim: Dude, no amount of bleech is going to get that hashbrown out. Did you forget to wipe again?
Jason: Dude, what are you doing going through my dirty laundry, and why are you holding my underwear? Have you gone brokeback on me?
by BloodMutt August 22, 2006
Top Definition
seeing as all the other definitions are about weed,
i'd like to define it also as:

a food, made of shredded potato fried in a pan.. usually made into a triangle shape.
Commonly eaten with the tradiditonal english breakfast.
*recieves english breakfast*
"mmm.. that hash brown is looking lovely.. nice and triangular, fried to perfection"
*commences eating*
by LaurenMcLovinn July 01, 2010
Hashbrowns - the residue/left overs of marijuana after being used by a vaporizer or any other smoking device
Dude... the vaporizer burned all the THC out of the weed now all we have left is Hashbrowns
by TH3 Oth3r On3 April 28, 2009
A Brown Drug dealer
Get some weed from the Hash Brown in edison.
by Parth S Patel, "HH" January 18, 2009
A satirical, conversational online "tag" mocking in wordplay the prevalent use of the online conversational and sharing trend known as "hashtags" in American internet subculture.

As opposed to "Hashtags", whose name is derived from the use of the "#" ("number", "pound", "hash") symbol preceding a short phrase, "Hashbrowns" mash full sentences of words together by removing only the grammatical spacing, much like one would do to a potato to make the delicious breakfast side-dish by the same name.

A clever "Hashbrown"-er with an eye for irony will verbosely restate well known hashtags in highly specific terms, similar to the "Joseph Ducreux / Archaic Rap" meme. For more information on memes, visit KnowYourMeme.com

Use a "hashbrown" instead of a "hashtag" when:
- The text of your hashtag becomes more than 4 words long
- You are tired of hashtags littering your feeds and want to mock your bandwagon hashtagging friends

First usage observed after the appearance and incorporation of hashtag links into facebook.com
First observed appearance. Jan 8th, 2014 by facebook user k*****e.
His post:
"Hashbrowns: mydefinitionofadulthoodmayvastlydifferfromyours"
"Hashbrowns: mydefinitionofadulthoodmayvastlydifferfromyours"

"Hashbrowns: bestshirtofalltime"

"#dowant" (translates approximately to...) "Hashbrowns: totallystealingyouridea,didyoumakethatupbecauseit'sbrilliantandiplanonusingitallthetime"
by Singingbelle January 08, 2014
Marijuana Brownies
I had the best Hash Browns the other day! I was so high i felt like a raspberry, like the fruit!
by FUPAmaster November 02, 2008
When Chris brown has a baby and wants to name it hashtag
"Hashbrown you better get over here"
by Lulu_ June 04, 2014
Another word for boobs, tits, jugs, breasts.
Kaly has some huge Hashbrowns, don't you think?
by MixMasterMuff December 28, 2015
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