a washed up bro that has downgraded his vehicle from a lifted silverado to a minivan. He is stuck at home or is workin in a cubicle He is no longer accepted in the bro community. He is stuck listenin to Justin Timberlake instead of his beloved KMK or Disturbed
That guy is such a hasbro. Look at him. He put a skin sticker on the back of his minivan!
by Manfreds August 10, 2007
someone who was once your really good friend, but has since either gone MIA or had a major falling out with you and your friends
"What ever happened to Dave?"

"I dunno. We used to be pretty tight back in the day. I haven't heard from him in months though."

"Guess he's your hasbro now."
by meltones August 19, 2007

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