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A neatly trimmed goatee common among young men, particuarly fantasy enthusiasts who are attempting to emulate fashion cues common to fantasy themes. It is named "Hasbro Beard" because Hasbro is the company which presently owns the rights to the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. It is often coupled with long floppish hair among particuarly devoted fantasy enthusiasts, but is also common in the mainstream population as a handy way to create the illusion of having a chin.
"Bob had thought that his hasbro beard made him look older, but now he realised that it merely highlighted his youth and extreme geekiness."
by Maryann May 05, 2005
when your cell phone is dying its due to lack of batteriage. instead of my battery is dying you have a lack of batteriage
sorry i hung up on your ugly ass but i had not any more batteriage
by maryann April 14, 2005
Thank you.
Mom - that turkey was like nectar!......Shtonk!
by Maryann November 26, 2003

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