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Harwinton is a small rural town in Northwest Connecticut. Although there is the world-famous Harwinton Fair and Fairview Farms golf course Harwinton is a boring little town. With a population of just over 5,000 houses are spread throughout the town leaving large areas of woods for quad and dirtbike riding......the only thing which keeps residents occupied. Consisting of just 2 pizza resteraunts and a convienience store, and a dunkin donuts soon to come there is nothing to bring visitors to the town except for the Harwinton Fair and fairview farms golf course. besides that Harwinton is just a 5 minute ride for commuters going to Hartford.
Commuter 1: Wtf hicktown is this?
Commuter 2: Oh, this is Harwinton
by Bacon and Eggnog March 30, 2008