Harveys is similar to a mcdonalds, where service is given to fat people(s) in the form of fatty, fast food, for a fairly, fair amount of money. This trend usually becomes most popular on a holiday or weekend. However latley hanging out at the nearest "fast food joint" has become cool, so the number of customers has been increasing steadily. (try the angus burger)
Guy 1: yo dawg wanna go get some burgs?
Guy 2: ya mang whurr u wanna go?
Guy 1: lets hit up that mcyd's
Guy 2: fux that i get mad shits after eatin' there
Guy 1: aight fine lets go to harveys
Guy 2: seen
by HarveysPimp April 04, 2005
Top Definition
To have a visible and quite noticeable semi-erection when in public.
My boyfriend was walking around my house infront of my family with a Harvey.
by Carl Watt April 19, 2006
Harvey'are gorgeous boys, loved by all, great company and support for their mummies. lots fo friends. boistrious, strong and independant.
Harvey Moon and Harvey wallbanger!
by littlepeach February 04, 2010
1. The ultimate thing a person can be e.g. sick cool peng. 2. Better in every way than someone else.

1. e.g. You are bare Harvey
2. You are so much more Harvey than him/her
by James Teabro October 02, 2006
a cool motherfucker, 100% real nigga, fucks shit up.
yo dude, you see that guy at the party last night? he was going harvey!
by HRVAY November 18, 2012
The coolest guy alive, looks gorgeous and is so much better than everyone else, good at Motorsport, and can build cars, not the best academically but will find it easier approaching College, get brilliant grades and succeed in life
Harvey is amazing
by Lillith-h152 January 17, 2013
An epic, nice, funny, handsome boy who is epic
girl: " im so excited i met a harvey last night"
by urbanDICtionary November 24, 2012
Harvey's is a fast food restaurant chain that operates in Canada, with locations concentrated in southern and eastern Ontario, southern Quebec, the Maritimes, and urban Alberta. It serves hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, onion rings, and other traditional fast food fare. The chain is owned by Cara Operations.
Harvey's logo resembles a hamburger with the word "Harvey's" in between.
by Caitlin13579 March 20, 2008
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