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refers to Vanderbilt University: a highly prestigious and competitive university located in Nashville, TN.

Refers to Vanderbilt University's comparable academic excellence and beautiful campus, noted for its iconic brick and ivy look.
Vanderbilt University might be called the Harvard of the South, but their women are a thousand times hotter.

Harvard Guy 1: I wish I went to the Harvard of the South.

Harvard Guy 2: Tell me about it. Not only would we acquire the same education, but we would actually experience good looking women, great weather, and amazing football.
by Commodore Cornelius November 21, 2009
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Vanderbilt University, possibly the greatest place on Earth. Amazingly hot pussy and definatly the place to go if you want to be drunk for four years and still do something with your life after you graduate.
Vanderbilt is the Harvard Of The South.
by Bowl Cuts Forever July 20, 2008
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An unexpected combination of hyperbole and oxymoron;

similar to:
Belle of Afghanistan
Genius of Public School
Angel of Compton

hyperbole: (southern universtiy) is Harvard
oxymoron: higher education in the deep south

add the two: (southern university) is the Harvard of the south

notable exceptions: vandy, duke, emory, rice, tulane, uva, chapel hill, wustl
by m.a.r.s June 22, 2007
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University of Mississippi, or Ole Miss. Its even on Tshirts. Under the same umbrella, Harvard is the Ole Miss of the north.
Welcome to Ole Miss, the Harvard of the South.
by Han December 09, 2004
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Term generally used in reference to either Rice University (located in Houston, TX) or Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX)-- both prestigious institutions located in the Southern part of the United States.
SMU's academics are so incredible, that's why it's called the "Harvard of the South."
by Spencerjc1 March 17, 2008
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Hampden-Sydney College in Farmville, Va.

A small, all-male private liberal arts university where the classes are tough and the weekends are off the chain! See Hampden-Sydney College
Colbert: I went to the Harvard of the South
by G-Money Pipes September 24, 2007
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The Harvard of the South is the University of Georgia(UGA).

Some may be able to argue that it's Vanderbilt, but I wouldn't consider that a true southern school, with SEC power football.

I know one thing for sure though, Ole Miss is not the Harvard of the South, anyway with a beating heart can get in their, that post should be deleted.
yo my nigga dwillie got into Harvard of the South!
Oh fo rizzle that nigga got into UGA, dats pretty sick rad my nigga faggot.
by BigCock101 February 24, 2010
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