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‘Harttron’ derives from the greek words haart meaning literally ‘life giver’ and from the 17th century interpretation of light, spelt ‘lait’.The coupling of the words became a term to describe the start of each day – the closest example to the English term for ‘dawn’ or the start of the day. In early Greek mythology the words life and light meant one and the same.Used largely in the southern extremes of the country this now unused word has virtually sunk from common use.
From the abyss that exists in the eventide a new harttron heralded the fresh and enthusiastic start of a new dawn.
by P Woodhouse July 28, 2004
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Cheshire colloqialism meaning 'to lie, exagerate, or make up random untruths'. Similar to bullshit, but runnier...
If a lie is worth telling you might as well give it a good harttron.
by Dave Ro May 30, 2006
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