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One who loves himself and his very expensive possessions almost as much as he wishes he could have sex. Also one who is obnoxiously loud and, on occasion, racist.

(!)Warning!! This type of person will often bite leaving you with large bruises(!)
"(Sarcastically)You are superior, not because you are older than me, but because you are Michael!"

"What? Are you calling me a Hartsock?!"

"Runnnn nigger nigger nigger!! Runnn."

by WhoisMeesh August 12, 2008
an act of removing a contraceptive during sex, male of female, with the intention of giving your partner "all of your heart"

a male who pretends to use a condom when having sex; will routinely distracting the female, to avoid notice of his unusually small penis, to remove the contraceptive.

the practice of removing a condom unoticed; with the intention of causing a pregnancy so that the female will not leave him

Usually the practice of "Hartsocking" is implimented by the female gender as to induce a baby; ie: keep a nigga baby
Sam punches Julie in the back of the head, distracting her, and quickly removed the condom and began hartsocking the unsuspecting female
by SHORTS September 12, 2007
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