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A player in the MMORPG RuneScape known for his extremely humourous and spontaneous candor in and outside the game. Starting the game in August of 2004, Harry_Sachz has become one of those categorised as "Famous RuneScape players". Rising to the top 5,000 out of a total of over 4 million players worldwide, Harry_Sachz can often be seen on various worlds training all skills whereas most people who play focus on one area primarily and train little else. He considers his home world to be World 77 with most of his time spent on that world being at the Fishing guild where he is well known by all frequent fishers. Not only is he a very helpful and extremely knowledgeable player, but he is also one who makes things fun for those around him which is no surprise why he is also an in-game Player Moderator for RuneScape. Sure he doesn't spend his entire life playing RuneScape unlike the top two players, but the time he does spend contributes greatly to the game as a whole. Harry_Sachz is also occasionally seen on the fansite RuneVillage and runs his own gaming site The Gaming Realms.
Susan_Storm1: Do i need to kill more of the monsters in the abyss to get more pouches if my current ones become damaged?
Harry_Sachz: No, just talk to the dark mage in the abyss before you go through a rift
Harry_Sachz: He will cast a transfiguration spell on the pouches which repairs them
Susan_Storm1: Thx
Harry_Sachz: Np
by Susan_Storm1 August 12, 2006
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