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The goodlooking curly headed one from One Direction the best band ever thanks to Simon Cowell and the X Factor UK 2010. Originally from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire ... he is known for his naughtey antics such as walking around naked all the time or wearing a gold thong. He is also know for his very dirty mind especially after whisphering to Matt Cardel who was very emotional at the time " Think about how much pussy your gunna get" on live national tv. He also tweeted #Shocka and got it trending in the uk after hearing it on some american girls twitcam, unaware of its dirty meaning which took him a good 10 minutes to realise before tweeting that he had been misled (sure we definitly beleive that!!!) and that he wanted his fans to get #boom trending instead. of course everyone was left asking the that the noise she made? He also gave out matt cardels phone number accidently to 7000 fangirls along with his partner in crime Louis Tomlinson. Alltogether Harrys husky voice and good looks send fangirls wild which makes him along with the rest of One Direction the perfect popstars!
Harry styles is one sexi beast!

Come here Curly
Boom Shocka Shocka!
by missanonwhoknowseverything April 08, 2011
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A one hell of a sixteen year old sexy beast that needs to get into my bed, right now. I'm not even kidding. Girls go wild for him, etc etc.
by I'mAwesomeEndOf January 01, 2011
The curly-haired one from One Direction. His floppy mop of hair makes teenage girls scream nationwide. He is definitely the best looking one. He has a grey OnePiece and is a very good freestyle dancer. Innit.
Woah! It's Harry Styles from One Direction! *screams*
by BAMitsharrystyles November 14, 2010
A sex god. He gets all da pussy. Also men, like Louis Tomlinson, are attracted to him.
Person 1: "That guy gets all the pussy"
Person 2: "Who? Harry Styles?"
by harrystylesis-sex February 16, 2012
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