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Harrison Queen-Harrison,Comes from the Latin term, 'harry' meaning full of hair and sweaty and nasty. Queen,Comes from the Gayish language from the inderbees meaning biggest flamer who likes it up the ass
Hey! look at that ginormous harrison queen takin it up the ass by that gigasmic elephant!
by Banana1 December 05, 2004
polish verb for "to think you're cool but really your a homo cake that only has friends because your mom pays them to hang out with you"
that kid is SUCH a Harrison Queen
by banana2 December 05, 2004
tres gay with a bit of flamish-(gayest culture in the universe)....actually cancel a bit.....full 100% Flamish.
If flamish was a beer and harrison owned it, it would be 'I AM FLAMISH'
by Banana1 December 06, 2004
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