The exact moment a penis exits the vagina.
dude, i came right when i harrised that bitch. -Leuth, Alexander T.
by ZACH, kelly, erica July 13, 2010
Top Definition
a totally amazing person... nothing more to say
you cant even compare her to harri
by max August 10, 2004
It's actually Rhyming Slang for Rhyming Slang.
The correct rhyming slang for "Arse" is "Bottle & Glass"
but once people knew this the term couldn't really be used anymore without offending people. That prompted people to use the slang for "Bottle", which is "Aris-totle" as a slang for the first insult. "Aristotle" became "Aris" which in a London accent sounds the same as "Harris"

This has been in common London usage for well over a hundred years in it's current form.
"Do you wanna work overtime Dave?"

"Nah, stick it up yer Harris unless you're gonna offer time and a half"
by Dougal474 October 26, 2006
The coolest fucking person to walk on the face of the earth.
Jordan doesn't even compare to Harri.
by DeathToCheese October 15, 2012
A totally sexy boy who everyone loves and wants.hes amazing at everything, and is sooo hot.
dude you see that harri over there?, hes sooo hot and sexy and all that
by ;-):-) October 09, 2011
someone who is dead on, fast, athletic, smart, knows haikus like the back of his or her hand, and has a huge penis or big boobs!
Look at that harris running down the court like an animal!

The harris that i slept with was so good!

That harris sure knows haikus!
by ZajaFresh September 04, 2011
someone whos orgin comes from England. Often a BAMF. Likes dirtbikes, fighting, seldom drinking, and travel. Harris's are often known to get along well with U.S. Marines.
Cpl Meyer, being a marine that he is, enjoys all activities of harrising.
by buzznuttz June 06, 2009
a dried preparation of the flowering tops or other parts of the cannabis plant used as a psychotropic drug.
Is your mate Harris coming to the party?

He decided on Amsterdam for his stag weekend so Harris would be welcome.
by Sativan July 19, 2014
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