This is the name of a sexual act: Towards the end of doggy-style sexual intercourse, the male proceeds to ejaculate on the head of the female. After this is complete, he then proceeds to drop a weight on the head of the female, thus completing the "Harriet Tubman." This is derived from the fact that Harriet Tubman had something dropped on her head as a child, explaining her glass eye.
Dude 1: Damn dude he dropped a weight on that bitch after underground railing her.
Dude 2: Dude he totally pulled a "Harriet Tubman."
by Ashley Teno February 23, 2011
Verb: The act of throwing trash out of a car window.

Now folks, this isn't racist, you'll soon see why.

Originating from a Minneapolis magazine entitled "Life Sucks Die," circa 1995. An article was published urging people to litter. One of it's arguments for littering was that the roads were built on the backs of slaves an indegenous peoples by oppressers. Thus, litering defies the oppressor and gives a little bit of justice to those slaves. The one cited was Harriet Tubman. Adapted to mean throwing trash out of a car window. Now in known use by over 1000 childreen in Minnesota.
1."Yo, don't Harriet Tubman right now, there's a cop behind us."
2."Last night I Harriet Tubman'd my milkshake by accident."
by Roberto Joolez November 07, 2004

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