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The Harrier jet is one of the NAVY's greates jet propelled interecptor jet plane!

It's widely known for its V.T.O.L capabilities.
Wow, look, that Harrier Jet can lift off like a heliccopter!
by imbored1123 May 31, 2007
Possibly the worst aircraft ever designed regarding maintenance. When the aircraft is not flying, maintenance Marines are working a common 13-14 hours a night for the almighty flight hour. This is due to the notable British engineering who designed the aircraft in such a way that it is almost impossible to remove any component without disassembly of the aircraft itself. Along with the prestigious design of the aircraft, system upgrades have helped maintenance Marines log even more work hours due to the complexity and unreliable design of avionic systems.
This Harrier Jet sucks, now we are gonna see day crew!
by Harrier Mechanic November 24, 2009