An Irish yell of victory or excitment.
After Brigadier General Thomas R. R. Cobb's Irish Regiment of Georgia pushed back Lieutenant Colonel St. Clair Mullholands Irish Brigade, a Captain (3 stripes on the collar) took off his hat and started yelling "Haroo! Haroo!" and the rest of the regiment cheered "Haroo!"
by Jedi_Master June 15, 2008
Top Definition
Used by the gaming community known as the Acolytes. It is used to express something positive that has happened to the community or someone in it.
"We just took down their battlekeep, HAROO!"
by Hiezu January 28, 2010
an exclamation of joy or happieness.
see also "Huzzah"
"Haroo!" yelled the fans as the BALTIMORE RAVENS scored yet another touchdown.
by Daniel "El Hefe" Posner September 03, 2003
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