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A uber crazy psycho person who is very....random. And may also act like a 4-year old at times. One who responds to anything cutesy, or Captain Rad. Is extremely violent, and all should steer clear.
"That Harmeet is a crazy, one, I tell ya!!"
"I'm a Harmeet, and I'm Captain Rad, BIOTCH!"
by S.Vogue October 10, 2006
A man who is the biggest badman/beast possible. People cringe in his awesomeness.
Harmeet, u get a pollo con pesto for the lady, and a spicy ceasar chicken for the MAUN.
by da MAUN November 04, 2010
Someone who is for all intents and purposes, the upper limit for all comparison of lameness. I.E, the top on a scale of 1 to Harmeet. 1 being mega awesome, and Harmeet being as sucky as something can possibly me.
by thatguyoverthereinthatplace November 08, 2010
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