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Sweetheart, nice, kind, sweet sweet, most loving, most caring, SUPER CUTE, HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOTTIE; ('H' = HARJOT = HOT ;)
I 've got myself a Harjot.
Even tho every girl in cali wants Harjot, they can't have him, cuz he's ALL MINE.
by Taz January 24, 2004
A sexy hunk renowned as the Indian Chuck Norris.
Damn, he hung like a Harjot.
by Teh KIng September 07, 2008
A person who initiates a gangfart
Nathan was being such a harjot when he got his friends together to gangfart Kennedy
by The Girls in the corner February 07, 2014
reffering to an individual who is absolutely lickeddd
Nigga Dont Pull A Harjot
by Hargoat November 21, 2010
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