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A common term for a person who is easily offended when people take his/her fries. Often found in the anger management confinement unit, waving it's arms and yelling, "Harhoe! Harhoe! They keep calling me Harhoe." Common responses to most questions from this strange hemaphroditic creature are "I don't care anymore!" or "It doesn't matter to me!" Is known for being more pungent smelling than a skunks spray. Also has a record on the mile run of 15:23.

WARNING: Direct contact with skin will result in immediate fungul infections. If spotted, contact Animal Control immediately and seek shelter.
That harhoe just threw its fries at me!

OMG! Get the phone! It's a HARHOE!!!

Dude, take a shower, you smell like a harhoe!
by alksdjlkasjdfk April 07, 2010

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