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This trend is thought to have originated in a small town in Maine in late 2010. It is described as one who listens to hardcore/indie/punk/emo/rock music, and can certainly rock the pink fishnet tights with chuck taylors. One tends to wear dark make-up, black nail polish, lots of pink and black bracelets, as well as a black and pink skull wrist watch. One tends to wear dark clothing, typically band tee shirts or black hooter shirts. Those who abide by this hardcore-ish trend tend to have a wild and crazy side, as well as plenty of spontaneity, and can also be called a bad-ass. They tend to take random drunken trips to Boston at 3:00 in the morning, and choose asshole boyfriends. Their mistakes are never ending and seem to follow them wherever they go. However, hardcore-ish people tend to see life as as one big playground, and strive every day to have the time of their lives.
That girl I went on a date with last night was super hardcore-ish.
by ging3r September 19, 2010
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