hardcore dancing is done at hardcore or metalcore shows. A very fast and energetic type of dance, that has many varients.
2-step-when you flail your arms and put one foot in front of the other, usually done not moving
windmill-when you plant your feet and swing your arms fast during a breakdown
spin kick- very fast spin of the body where you shoot your leg out after the first 180
some people on the outside of the pit like to lean in and do one armed windmills/
damn those kids are hXc as hell
look at those kids hardcore dancing thye must be sXe
by pissed off sXe kid September 28, 2006
Acrobatic, kung-fu style dancing to hardcore music such as Blood for Blood, Earth Crisis and 25 ta Life, but has leaked into metallic hardcore, nu-metal/metal and emo scenes over time. Generally reserved for macho dudes, dudes trying to get into a fight, or dudes trying to impress other dudes with their "skills". Types of hardcore dancing includes spin kicks, "picking up change", pile-ons, as well as other physically challenging (and often hilarious to watch) martial-arts style moves. Can be enjoyed by straightedge and non-straightedge dudes alike, yet girls seem to shy away from displaying such behaviors too often.
"Dude, we totally wall-of-death'ed those meathead fucks who were hardcore dancing at that Municipal Waste show."
by Busse September 13, 2005
Dancing or simply moshing, is an expression of the audience's emotional response to Hardcore music. Not just a dance but a social device. People can relate to people who share common enjoyment of the dance. Some hardcore kids look down on those who dance like crap. Some don't dance but hate mosh which is different from dancing in the respect that it is done in the crowd, generally with the intention of injuring spectators or those who are being disrespectful to the music, band, scene etc. Scnene kids are considered to be an abonination of the true hardcore scene in that they only show up to shows to be "trendy" and have no affiliation with music and are obsessed with being "Brootal". Some just like the fashion, whatever. anyways...Getting hurt is just something that happens at hardcore shows,during the dance. two stepping, floor punches, windmills, and spin kicks are common. so are broken noses, bruises, bloddy lips and sometimes broken bones. actually, this is bad def. of hardcore dancing and is basically an overview of hardcore in general. ha ha enjoy?
breaking shit, punching posers, hardfelt lyrics. kicking holes in the walls. throwing elbows, twosteppin your ass off. Respect, Friends, Family, Forever.

Ex.) Hardcore dancing is kinda a stupid word to describe it, try the word "Mosh". not like Butt Metall Monkey Moshing though, it's different, it's better. It involves skill.
by Bob Boyk May 06, 2008
Hardcore Dancing is a form of dance seen and performed at hardcore/screamo/hard rock shows in the mosh pit.
many people believe that it is just simply swinging you're arms through the air and doing spinkicks just to piss people that don't dance off.
To most dancers it is a semi-choreographed group of motions to display you're gratitude towards the band that is performing.
Hardcore Dancing is Generally seen in a younger group of people, but ranges to different age groups, some being 28+.
the "moves" include but are not limited to:

-two step commonly a cross over of the feet, motioning your hands to the ground. two steps a.k.a. "the step" is done in a variety of ways, depending on the style of dancing in the location.

-spinkicks Usually at the beginning or end of a dancing routine, is a rotation followed by a karate-style kick by the back foot.

1.spinning arms in a clock-like motion while spinning body through the mosh pit.
2. jumping side to side and swinging arms on the side you land on in a clock-like motion.

-jumping spinkicks Sometimes a windmill is used to gain momentum and jump to do a spinkick in mid-air.

-swings. there are alot of different kind of swings, some involving clawing in front of you, and some involving spinning your arms in a sort of grab-puch-repeat motion.

-picking up change often a move performed by grabbing or punching at the ground, otherwise displayed by swinging elbows back while stomping the ground with feet.

While Some Dancing is quite harmless, Others do get into what they do, which can be violent and painful.
People that enjoy moshing or circle pits usually act violently towards Hardcore Dancers.
Sometimes In Order to "open up the pit" dancers will swing rapidly, push, or slam their bodies diagnally into crowds, this is usually done in a circle like fashion, and will stay open as long as their are dancers in it.

This Form of Dance is Known As HXC DANCING, SLAMDANCING, or throwdown

hardcore Dancing is often done in groups of many members called HXC crews or just "crews".
some are violent and incorporate lifestyles such as straightedge into their grouping.
others are just in the crews so that they have protection from moshers that may not understand/like what they are doing.
One that is Dancing will often apoligize to someone that is hit while in the pit, and if one falls, others help him up.

"lets open this pit up, get some Hardcore Dancing going"
"i heard that the moshers are watching this one pretty good, though"
by xscreamxaxserenadex May 07, 2007
Hardcore Dancing is a form of self-expression, talent, balance, ethics, music, and style. The stereo type to hardcore kids is emo kids but they aren't and if you think that they are, go talk to one. Hardcore dancing is an evolved version of moshing/slamdancing along with skanking thats taken a new form. Skanking is a dance to go with punk and in the mid-80's when punk was going political and much harder than it was, the dancing changed with it. From the skanking you later get the twostep. And if your familar with slamdancing (or even just fighting) that is where you get the windmill from. The word 'Hardcore' it self is so misused. Hardcore is the scene that evolved from punks in the late eighties at all age shows. At these all age shows they would serve liquor but most punks were against drinking (and were underage) so at the door they got marked with an 'x' on their hands so they could not buy any liqour. At these shows they would skank as well as hardcore dance and be proud that they couldn't drink cause it wasn't right and from that came straight edge.
Hardcore Dancing- mixture of all different body movements that combines two-step (related to skanking), windmill, kicks, jumps, and anything that the person feels that expresses how they are or feel. done whereever to hardcore.

Skank- a dance done to punk in which one leg goes in front than slides back while the arms stay paralell to the ground and move up and down.

Two Step- an evolved skank in which the legs are twisted outward into a circle and cross in front of the other.

Windmill- a arm movement in which arms are fully extended and move on the shoulder's axis like windmills.

Pickn' Up Change- an arm movement in which the arms are thrown at the ground in punching movements while your body is low and your legs are spread.

Other Moves- those are the basics and depending on the intensity (or lack of), the person itself, the town, and the scene, there will be all different moves and dances.
by mewithoutYou7926 August 10, 2006
1.Dancing, only HARDCORE.
2.The kind of dancing you see the weird suburban kids from your school that always smell like BO and cloves doing. A subtle artform that manages to look uncoordinated, supremely lame and immensely queer, all at the same time. Popular hardcore 'dance moves' include the 'I'm flailing my arms about like a frightened kid in special ED!', The 'I'm piling myself on top of you but it's not gay because we're dancing and it's hardcore!' The 'When you can't dance, just roundhouse kick at random because it totally worked for the Spice Girls!' and the 'I'm going to be a virgin for a long time'.
3.The source of some of the funniest definitions I've come across on this site.
'Hardcore Dancing' makes me smile
by Ihateyouallsomuch August 08, 2005
Originally a traditional war dance done during breakdowns at hardcore shows. Unfortunately this once sacred dance can be seen at emo and metal shows. The fine dance has been leaked into the mainstream and everyone and their mother thinks they can dance now. Very few people can actually dance well now (see Philadephia).
I'm going to hardcore dance so hard at the Shattered Realm show.
by Evan February 28, 2005
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