If you like hardcore music the dancing can look really sweet and make live shows more energetic. This is the one and only positive side to it. "If you get hit you are supposed to take it for the team." It does not work that way in Jax, if you get hit you are supposed to take it, if you hit somebody your ass is jumped on by 10 people in the pit. Apparently there is a right and wrong way to do it because the so called scenesters target in on the amateurs.
I had a friend hardcore dance for the first time, apparently wrong. Hardcore faggot punches him so I give him a little shove, next thing I know I am on the ground with 6 guys throwing punches and kicks at me. Friend fights pussy one v one beats the shit out of him until 12 of their friends jump in and fuck us 3 up. What a fun thing to do
by Jville killa April 04, 2005
most of the time scene kids dancing with girl pants..

alot of swing the arms and legs..
fighting non-exsiting ninjas
amazing dancing that looks suhweet!!

its fun and looks like your cool..

moshing is for losers..
hXc dancing is for amazing ppl who know what good music is!!
keep it coming hXc ppl
hardcore dancing is amazing. its for amazing people who know what real music is.
I <3 the scene and hardcore music
by scream scene June 28, 2006
A combination of the mosh pit and soul train. In which a circle is formed as if to pit but instead is used to dance in.
Hardcore is an inferior bastardization of metal and Hardcore Dancing is an inferior bastardization of the pit.
by landamo October 31, 2004
Really gay dancing, prolly from california or some faggot liberal state. You kick and punch and act "mean" when your actually a little bitch.
Look at the homo hardcore dancing!
by mrsmellybelly March 29, 2005
Ok, I always had a nagging suspicion that emos and "hardcore" kids (emos with spiked hair who curse a lot) were pathetic faggots, but when I saw hardcore dancing for the first time, my preconceptions were confirmed. Hardcore dancing consists of some 90-pound little twat with greasy black hair flailing his limbs around, punching and kicking the air. Though annoying, pathetic, and downright retarded, it is a suitable method of dancing to emo and "hardcore" music, as the music takes no talent to create and sounds like a pack of whining retards, so the dancing should be similar. Hardcore dancing is a disgrace to moshing. You can say metal is a thing of the past all you want, because it doesn't make the present trends (such as emo) suck any less. Fags.
Hardcore dancing is another reason why the emo and "hardcore" scene should be extinguished forever.
by Chernorizets Hrabr December 21, 2004
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