Hardcore is the name for many awesome things.

Hardcore Punk - Awesome. Has awesome subgenres too.

Hardcore Porn - Awesome.

Hardcore Wrestling - The most entertaining form of pro wrestling due to actual violence.
Hardcore Punk and its subgenres are my favorite forms of music.

I just got done watching some Hardcore Porn. I loved it.

Hardcore Wrestling is awesome because people hit each other with light tubes and shit.
by Bloodbath 87 March 07, 2009
adj. 1. Extreme, brutal

2. The description of pornography that graphically shows penetration of the vagina or anus by the penis, tongue, or foreign object

3. The description of a type of wrestling match where there are no rules; i.e. all weapons are allowed, pinfalls count from anywhere, and there are no countouts or disqualifications
Mick Foley and Edge performed in a hardcore match at Wrestlemania 22.
by Anonymous4 July 18, 2006
Hardcore is three things actually! 1: someone extreme or fanatical in behaviour or belief. 2: An extreme form of punk rock characterised by shouty vocals usually containing swear words which enables angry people to let off steam. 3: A fast form of electronic dance music which makes angry people happy. A.K.A. 'Happy Hardcore'.
'He got really angry with me cos he's hardcore in his belief that hardcore is only one type of music!'
by Lodestone September 13, 2009
Going "all out" and taking things to an extreme.
A school district filing a lawsuit to deny services to a student with a disability is a hard core tactic.
by TexasLawGirl May 30, 2009
Someone who rides their bike all the way to the store just to get a can of Special Pepsi.
Paul Miller's father is so hardcore.
by Dr Meezy December 14, 2010
Short for hardcore punk that started in the late 70's with bands such as Black Flag and Bad Brains and in the early 80's with Minor Threat, Negative FX, Negative Approach, SSD, JFA, 7 Seconds ect. It is a music genre that is based off of a DIY (do it yourself) community. It was and will always be against the ethics of the mainstream music business to keep the music pure and away from profit which corrupts everything. Alot of people think hardcore died in the 80's but there has been alot of bands that have came and gone over the years that still continued the same diy approach along with musical styles.

currently hardcore punk is still going on in an underground DIY community all around the world with bands such as Get The Most, Rotting Out, Government Warning, Trash Talk, Ceremony, Miles Away, Paint It Black, Psyched To Die, Bracewar, Ruiner, Killing The Dream ect. Although the mainstream community have attempted to market there own version of hardcore bands through the media like Attack Attack, I See Stars, The Devil Wears Prada, Bring Me The Horizon ect. It will never really be part of the real hardcore scene going on, or sound like it.
listen to a current hardcore band like Rotting Out

or a old hardcore band like Gorilla Biscuits
by letsstartarevolutiontoday January 04, 2010
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