definitions of hardcore music are widely different, so this definition is meant as a guide. hardcore did originally grow out of punk somwhere along the line in the 80's. and when i say punk, i mean punk in the ballpark of the Misfits. it began to stand on its own in the early 90's with a few pioneering bands. these early bands were very unpolished, but people looking for the heaviest sound possible became the first fans. throughout the 90's, the line between hardcore and metal thinned, because at the same time some metal bands were also finding a heavier sound.
now skip ahead to the present. at this point, that heavy metal/90's hardcore gap has been closed. however there is a new barrier. everything changed when bands like Terror, Hoods, and Madball started hitting the scene (for lack of a better word). there is no denying the difference between Terror and Unearth. now that awful term "metalcore" has come about. Unearth leans sounds sort of hardcore, but they are metal. Terror is 'straight up' hardcore. kids who listen to Terror know that what they listen to is heavier than what Unearth kids listen to. so as far as they're concerned, Unearth IS NOT hardcore. so now there is 'hardcore' and there is 'real hardcore' or 'straight up hardcore'. THERE IS A DEFINATE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO STYLES OF MUSIC.
most fans of 'straight up hardcore' accept and like 'hardcore' music, but dont like it being called hardcore. and they dont like 'hardcore' kids trying to act tough, because they know the music they listen to is tougher. so as much as i am against terms like "metalcore" it is probably a good idea to start using them because of the difference between the metal side and hardcore side.
there is no 'hardcorest' music, just hardcore. if something more hardcore comes along, then that becomes the definition of hardcore. thats why bands like Terror are taking the term for themselves with little opposition; because they are right to. when critics hail their album saying "this is what hardcore is supposed to sound like" there is little arguing that its for real.
Zao (most metal side of what is called hardcore)
Unearth (a blend of hardcore and metal that leans very much on the metal side)
Remembering Never (a blend of hardcore and metal that leans very much on the hardcore side)
Terror (doesnt get more hardcore than this)
by Chadster November 26, 2005
(adjective and noun) In reference to a political or cultural movement, an organization, an association, or a category of criminal. crime, deviance or dissidence: the essential and dedicated members or actions who will not be dissuaded by threats or punishment and who will go all the way in pursuit of their aims; those who hang tough; winter soldier. Sometimes spelled as two words. Often the kind of thing is understood, for example "hardcore" instead of "hardcore porn".
"Hardcore pornography."

"Al-Qaeda's hard core will not be dissuaded by the bombing of the communities in which they are based."

"Sacco was a hardcore anarchist; he never wavered in his professed beliefs, even when they put him in jail and condemned him to death."

"After the cops visited the commune the day-trippers left and only the hardcore people remained."
by anarcissie May 21, 2008
Jake; Steven; SSk; Doug; Jose; Nick; Mike; SSk
Jake Is Hardcore!
Steven Is Hardcore!
SSk Is Totally Hardcore!
Doug Is Hardcore!
Jose Is Hardcore!
Nick Is Hardcore!
Mike Is Black... But Also Hardcore!
SSk Is Again Totally Hardcore!
by I'll Wear Your Skin As A Suit April 03, 2007
Hardcore is sub-genre of music erroneously identified by emo children, as to personify their lackluster musical tastes so as to give them the appearance of not being weepy or melodramatic.
"Dude, did you go to that Hawthorne Heights concert last night? Colin said it was totally hardcore. People were even smoking reifer!" -- Emo children conversing in a high school commons.
by The Filter King March 03, 2009
Someone/somthing so insanely cool that you have no idea how to describe it, or somthing tuff and strong.
(its also a type of music that is a more agressive punk)

Ash: "Jack is a prick who picks up trannies at fag st, Trasesville"
Jetto: " Hahaha.. so true ash!"
Jetto "Meh.. ur tarten shorts are way more hardcore!"
by Ashes2ashes October 13, 2005
Despite what some people think, hardcore came before emo. After Hardcore died out toward the end of the eighties, Ian McKaye (of Minor Threat) started a band called Fugazi. And thus EMO was born. (Yes, there were others, but Fugazi was one of the first.)
Hardcore was born in late seventies. It's one hell of a long "trend."
by nanashi May 23, 2005
Climbing up trees and over chicken wire into the swings at Ewell Court Park.
"Wow, Charlotte and Jaymes are so hardcore - they BROKE INTO EWELL COURT PARK"
by CharlotteandJaymes December 21, 2006
what some believes that they are because the lisen to, and buy the t'shits of Iron Maiden, Meticalla, and every other gay ass, before their time band.
Look at the kid with the Iron Maiden t'shirt he thinks hes so Hardcore.
by titytitybangbang January 21, 2010

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