time spent in prison by a convict
He tried to steal an antique but he got caught and did hard time for it.
by The Return of Light Joker May 27, 2009
Top Definition
When You're girlfriend dumps you for a lesbian, you realize you have cancer, you get a DWI after drinking one beer, you get fired from your job for being late because of traffic,you loose all your friends,you're a pre mature ejaculator,you're broke,and the list goes on and on...Ultimate Shaft City

Basically Karma is out for you and isnt gonna stop till you dead!
"Man lately its been hard times for me"- Matt
"Yea right man,least your car didnt break down on a bridge,causing a 12 car pile up"-Seet
"Yea youre right"-Matt
by Tdavis April 03, 2007
Prison-sentence, jail-time.
Murder's gonna get you 25 years hard time.
by The Djudge August 13, 2007
1. Having a difficult time completing a task. Usually from being hung over.
2. Someone that is annoying.
3. Not feeling well.
1. "Mass at 7AM after a night of jag bombs is hard time."
2. "Just Bieber is hard time."
by William Barilko November 07, 2013
a period of economic problems
The restaurant closed down because everyone was suddenly going through hard times.
by The Retrun of Light Joker June 04, 2010
it is what charles dickens went through durring his teenyears in cocktown er coketown.
Kevin : dickens had hard times coketown
Kirsten : ahahahahahahahahah
by kevy March 20, 2004
another,and funner, way to express the term "bummer"
Man1: dude lets mob to the club tonight

Man2: i cant bro, i had to spend my entire paycheck on bills

Man1: sum bitch, HARD TIMES!!
by ChancEbon January 18, 2012

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