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Similar to soft-grunge, but the pictures are generally less faded and mass produced than the "soft-grunge" ones on Tumblr. Pictures usually depict people like Kurt Cobain, Sky Ferreira, and Taylor Momsen. Pictures of non-celebrities usually depict any woman with dyed hair, a grunge, band t-shirt, doc martens, and cigarettes or some alcoholic beverage. Hard-grunge usually does NOT try to promote ed, depression, anxiety, or self-harm, unlike it's twin: soft-grunge, although bloggers will sometimes reblog sad quotes and scars if they feel like it. A lot of bloggers on Tumblr will try to seem grunge by dressing up like the people they see on their blog, although they know nothing about what they're doing. These people are in it for the aesthetic rather than appreciating the culture and genre itself. Hard-grunge is practically the anti-soft-grunge. Soft-grunge is NOT grunge. Let me repeat: SOFT-GRUNGE IS NOT GRUNGE. HARD-GRUNGE IS REGULAR GRUNGE. SOFT-GRUNGE GIVES PEOPLE THE WRONG IMPRESSION OF GRUNGE AS A GENRE AND CULTURE. STOP.

A couple good examples of hard grunge blogs are and
thank you.
Fake grunge kid: follow my soft-grunge blog for some faded pictures of bruises!!!!!!! :)))
Grunge kid- lmao no follow my account for pictures of concerts and people having fun. since you kids ruined grunge, we had to create hard grunge although we were original, not you.
by uncool-coolkid May 28, 2014
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